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Divorce Mediation & Family Mediation Services

We are a mediation firm specializing in divorce mediation and family mediation. Mediation is a facilitated, future-oriented, collaborative way to deal with conflict. Our experienced mediators are here to help couples and families get unstuck and move forward.

Our divorce mediators guide clients through each step of the divorce/separation process in Massachusetts, finding mutual agreements around topics including assets/liabilities, property division, alimony and insurance. Our family mediators facilitate positive interactions and productive conversations between family members, resolving disagreements.

divorce mediator massachusetts

Our Mission

Helping you engage conflict dynamically.


Just because conflict happens, doesn’t mean it needs to be painful. Through our work we hope people can learn tools to engage with their interpersonal conflicts constructively, and be able to navigate their conflicts more productively.

We hope to reveal, understand and redefine the tension that comes out of conflict, bringing more understanding, communication & peace between people and within individuals.

Our Values


We value listening & understanding.


We value guiding our clients in responsible & thoughtful ways.


We value offering you the best experience you can get.

Client Satisfaction

We are invested in our clients’ wellbeing & success.

How can we help you?

At DNGmediation, we strive to answer your needs with respect, attention, transparency and professionalism.

Your mediator will help you discuss and reach fair and equitable agreements on topics necessary for you to address in order to get divorced in Massachusetts. We help you draft your separation agreement and guide you in final steps including notarizing your paperwork and attending court for a hearing.

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Learn More About Mediation

Schedule a call with a mediator to learn more about divorce & family mediation.

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