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Our divorce & family mediation services help you agree on a way forward, together.

We offer mediation services to couples looking to get divorced or separated, as well as parents experiencing conflicts with their children or teens.

01. Divorce Mediation

For couples looking to get divorced in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, divorce mediation is a low-conflict, cost-effective, time-efficient option. It is possible to have a good divorce experience. With mediation, divorce can happen quickly, simply, with less pain & more empowerment.

Our experienced mediators will guide you through each step of the divorce process, while helping you get what you (and your family) need. Our mediators help you navigate the many topics you’ll need to agree on to get divorced, including: assets/liabilities, property division, alimony, insurance, child custody - we’re here to help you figure it *all* out.

divorce mediation massachusetts
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family mediation massachusetts

02. Family Mediation

Whether you are in the process of separating, are divorced or never-married, co-parenting can involve conflict.

Our family mediators facilitate productive conversations between co-parents, including adjustments to parenting plans. Additionally, if you are experiencing parent-child conflicts, our family mediation could be a good fit for you.

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Why Mediation?

There are many reasons to choose mediation.


Mediation is a cost-effective option for couples looking to get a divorce.


With the support of your mediator, you craft a separation agreement that works for you (and your children).


You are in control of your agreements, with the guidance of your mediator.


In divorce cases, topics like custody and co-parenting are resolved privately and cooperatively, keeping your children’s wellbeing at the heart of any negotiation.

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How it Works

1. Speak with a mediator.

Schedule a call to learn if mediation is the right process for you.

2. Start your mediation.

Mediation sessions can be attended in-person or virtually.

3. Arrive at agreements.

Facilitated by your mediator, you will create agreements that work for you and your family.

4. (For divorce) Finalize paperwork.

Includes drafting, reviewing & signing your Separation Agreement & attending court for a brief hearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is mediation?
    Mediation is a process facilitated by a third party (called a mediator) who helps parties in a conflict arrive at agreements that work for them.
  • How does mediation work for divorce?
    Couples looking to dissolve their marriage have options in how to do so. Some couples choose a litigious, drawn-out process, while others might prefer a more amicable, fast process. Mediation is a great option for parties looking for a friendlier, more cost effective, child-centered process.
  • What happens in divorce mediation?
    The mediator facilitates a productive conversation between the divorcing couple, and helps parties define the terms of their agreements in ways that work for them, as opposed to being told by the court what to do. Sessions usually take place with both parties present. Sometimes the mediator will ask to meet with parties privately. Your mediator will help you through every step of the divorce process, including the drafting of your Separation Agreement.
  • Is a mediator a judge?
    No. A mediator is a neutral third party whose role it is to help parties come up with an agreement that works for them.
  • Does mediation work for everyone?
    We encourage you to schedule a 30-minute consultation, free when both parties attend, to see if mediation is the proper process for you.
  • We are not married but have children. Can we still do mediation?
    Yes. We offer family mediation, to help parents who are separated or still together, in all matters concerning co-parenting issues such as parenting time, pick-up/drop-off schedules, sharing holiday time with your children, etc.
  • My teen and I just don’t get along. Can we do mediation?
    Yes. Our family mediation services are targeted to help any family and parenting matter, including conflicts with your children.

Speak with a Mediator

Schedule a call with a mediator to learn more about our mediation services.

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